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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and visited us in the Big Four Building.  So many Transformers fans!  A couple of quick housekeeping items: 1.  We got our supply of Masterpiece Ratchet in, and kept aside enough for those who did pre-orders on it.  We were the only vendor at the show with the item, so we sold out.  We will leave the item on our site as a pre-order for now until our second round of stock comes in.  For those who did pre-order it before the show, your orders will be...

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TFTOYS.CA will be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

For those who are going to be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this weekend, swing on by the Big Four Building and look for us.  We will be there with a booth full of Transformer goodness, and we're always up to chat all things Cybertronian. On a related note, this does mean that there may be a slight delay in shipment of orders through the website this weekend.  Any orders placed this Thursday through Sunday will not be sent out until early next week, for obvious reasons.  Thanks for understanding.  Hope to see you in Calgary.

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News update April 6, 2016

A quick update for the site today.  Lots of new stuff to let you know about. Firstly, and most exciting, our supply of Masterpiece Shockwave has arrived and is in stock.  For those who have pre-ordered, your Shockwaves will be in transit to you within the next day or two.  For those who were waiting for us to get them in stock to order, now is the time. In other stock news, we've had a large restock of Combiner Wars items as well as some Masterpiece items.  We will of course continue to add additional items over time.  We have...

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News update March 13/16

Lots of new product in this week!  Tons of Masterpiece goodness preorders have arrived: Masterpiece Ironhide Masterpiece Ultra Magnus Masterpiece Hot Rod Plus restock on several key items Masterpiece Tracks (restock) Takara Legends Arcee Combiner Wars Blackjack Finally, we've secured our stock for several upcoming releases, now available for preorder Masterpiece Delta Magnus Masterpiece Shockwave

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As we continue to add new inventory to the store, we will provide semi-regular updates on what's new and restocked.  This week we've added our first third party Transformers with offerings from KFC, Mega Steel, and DX9.  We look forward to adding more from these companies in the future.  We also expect our pre-orders on several Masterpiece items including Ironhide, Hot Rod, and the second run of Ultra Magnus to be arriving shortly.  We only obtained limited stock on these, but our preorders are still available.

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