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New Titans Return In Stock

New in stock this week is a lot of small items (literally) as we've received our newest stock of Legends size Titans Return (Roadburn, Brawn, Cosmos, Seaspray) as well as restock on Kickback and Gnaw.   Also in the small category is some new Titan Masters (Ptero, Repugnus, Fangry, and Shuffler). We even managed to get some restock on an old favorite.  One of our suppliers found a case of Generations Roadbuster, so we scooped that and brought it in. Finally, and a bit on the fun side, is some Transformers pajamas.  Not for the kids, silly.  These are adult...

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Masterpiece Soundwaves and Starscreams and cassettes oh my

After returning from Northern Fancon this past weekend in Prince George BC, we're proud to announce that we've received stock on some of the most in demand Takara Masterpieces.  Check out our new stock on Takara's Masterpiece Soundwave, Starscream, and cassette pairings of Rumble/Ravage and Frenzy/Bussaw.

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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Thanks to all those who came out to see us at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend.  We had an absolute blast, despite the fact that the entire team was exhausted by Sunday night.  For some of us, it was a first time at an Expo, for others not so much.  But all of us are already making plans for next year. For those who have ordered items through the website over the last few days, we appreciate your patience as we unwind, unpack, and get those items out to you.  We should have all the online...

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Masterpiece Megatron has arrived

Takara's MP36 Masterpiece Megatron has arrived.  'Nuff said.  

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New Product Arrivals

We've been busy busy busy here at TFTOYS.CA as we've finally been getting a backlog of product in.  We've received both our wave 3 and wave 4 deluxe Titans Return at basically the same time, as well as wave 3 legends and voyagers.  We've also managed to get our hands on some other great non-toy items such as Kreo (okay that's sort of a toy), lunch kits, magnets, and coffee mugs.   We've also been busy preparing for the upcoming Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.  We'll be there in full force with all our Transformer goodies. Oh, and Masterpiece Megatron...

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