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Red and White Comic and Toy Show March 12

We will be again at the Red and White Comic and Toy show.  This is a great show for those who are in Calgary or nearby.  While we love our full fledged Comic Expos, this one is a little smaller and more intimate.  Free parking.  Admission is only $5.  Check it out this Sunday March 12 from 10 to 5 at the Red and White club at McMahon Stadium in Calgary.

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New Item Alert: Takara Legends Astrotrain, Masterpiece Cheetor, Masterpiece Grapple

New in stock this week are several arrivals from Japan.  First up, we've got Legends Astrotrain, which features a significantly different paint scheme from the North American version.  Next we have Takara's Masterpiece Grapple, a re-tool of the well received Masterpiece Inferno.  Last, but not least we got in the next Beast Wars Masterpiece in Cheetor.  These Beast Wars Masterpiece figures are really impressing us, and we can't wait to see what they might be able to do with a couple of dinosaurs (Megatron or Dinobot, anyone?)

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New item alert: Takara Legends and Hasbro Titans Return

New this week at TFTOYS.CA is offerings from both Hasbro and Takara.  We've received in our shipment of new Takara Legends including: Super Ginrai Soundwave Brainstorm Jaguar (Ravage) Condor (Laserbeak) and the E-Hobby exclusive homage to Optimus Primal, Combo Bat. On the Hasbro side of things, we've got in a large restock on deluxe size Titans Return, including: Chromedome Hardhead Mindwipe Wolfwire (Weirdwolf) Skullsmasher (Skullcruncher) Highbrow as well as Ravage and Laserbeak. Finally, we also recently got in Combiner Wars deluxe sized Groove for those who want to have the classic lineup to their Defensor.

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Masterpiece Optimus Primal and Inferno now in stock

It's been a busy week here at TFTOYS.CA as we've got in our shipment of 2 new Masterpieces, Optimus Primal and Inferno. We also recieved our stock of the latest Takara Legends to be released, Mindwipe, Chromedome, and Highbrow.  We also got some of the new Hasbro Titans Returns in, including Astrotrain and Alpha Trion. Finally, we've received some blasts from the past, as we've recently acquired some still sealed Year of the Horse Optimus Prime, as well as some of the Hasbro reissues from the early 2000s.  Keep your eyes out for those to be listed soon.

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Newest Takara Legends Titans Returns now in stock

Our shipment of the second wave of Takara Legends has arrived.  We now have our stock on Wheelie, Weirdwolf, Rewind, Blaster, and oh yeah, a little thing called Fortress Maximus.

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