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Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo and visited us in the Big Four Building.  So many Transformers fans!  A couple of quick housekeeping items:

1.  We got our supply of Masterpiece Ratchet in, and kept aside enough for those who did pre-orders on it.  We were the only vendor at the show with the item, so we sold out.  We will leave the item on our site as a pre-order for now until our second round of stock comes in.  For those who did pre-order it before the show, your orders will be sent out within the next day or two.

2.  We are of course back from the show.  For those who have placed orders through the website over the weekend, we will be filling and shipping those in the next day or two.

3.  Can't wait to see you at the next convention!

Thanks everyone!

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