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Transformers TCG: Devastator Team Deck

Transformers TCG: Devastator Team Deck


A thrilling addition to the RISE OF THE COMBINERS line of products, the DEVASTATOR DECK brings one of the most destructive Decepticon Combiners to the Transformers TCG in his very own standalone product!

Assemble the team of six fearsome Constructicons and use the battle card "Constructicon Enigma" to combine them into DEVASTATOR - TOWERING WARRIOR! Use his abilities to tower over the battlefield and your opponent! Character Cards that are components of a Combiner character employ an exciting physical mechanic. Each card is the size of a standard Transformers TCG character card, but has a piece of the Combiner character on one side, and the Alt and Bot modes of a character on the Combiner team on the other. The cards have a reinforced hinge in the center, which allows them to be neatly folded when in play as one of several characters on a player’s team.

This set includes a full team and deck for one player to battle in the Transformers TCG, featuring six Constructicon Combiner character cards, three each of five battle cards not previously available in other sets (including the Constructicon Enigma battle card), and a Tower mechanic to make DEVASTATOR even more powerful in gameplay!


6 Transformers Character Cards:

    BONECRUSHER – Demolitions
    HOOK – Surgical Engineer
    LONGHAUL – Transport
    MIXMASTER – Materials Fabrication
    SCAVENGER – Mining and Salvage
    SCRAPPER – Constructicon Foreman

Ready-to-Play Deck of 40 Battle Cards, including. . .

3 copies each of 5 battle cards not previously available in other sets:

    Constructicon Enigma
    Work Overtime
    Heavy Landing
    Builder’s Tools

Tower Counters
Rules Insert

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