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Transformers Dramatic Capture Series Autobot Headquarters 3 pack

Transformers Dramatic Capture Series Autobot Headquarters 3 pack

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A new world of Transformers will expand with combinations and product specifications reminiscent of the character's activities in the movie. The second installment of the popular Dramatic Capture Series is a set that allows you to recreate a scene at the Autobot base.

Optimus Prime is the Autobot commander who transforms from a truck into a robot, and Autobot Jazz is his second-in-command who transforms into a race car. In addition, the set includes the brain of the Autobot base and a main frame that transforms into the Teletran One console to recreate a scene inside the base.

Optimus Prime and Autobot Jazz come with special weapons, and Mainframe comes with a scanning satellite that also appeared in the first animated episode.

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