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New Titans Return In Stock

New in stock this week is a lot of small items (literally) as we've received our newest stock of Legends size Titans Return (Roadburn, Brawn, Cosmos, Seaspray) as well as restock on Kickback and Gnaw.  

Also in the small category is some new Titan Masters (Ptero, Repugnus, Fangry, and Shuffler).

We even managed to get some restock on an old favorite.  One of our suppliers found a case of Generations Roadbuster, so we scooped that and brought it in.

Finally, and a bit on the fun side, is some Transformers pajamas.  Not for the kids, silly.  These are adult size Transformers pajamas complete with footies, a hood, and thumb holes to truly become a very comfortable Optimus Prime.

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