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XTransbots MX-I Apollyon

XTransbots MX-I Apollyon


The original Generation 1 Megatron is one of the most iconic cartoon villians of all time.  Megatron, in his various incarnations, has been at the forefront of the Transformers line for over 30 years.  However, with changes in the world, Hasbro no longer feels comfortable making a toy gun, especially one that looks moderately realistic, like the Generation 1 Megatron did.  

However, fear not, as there are third party toy companies that will come to our rescue.  Up from X-Transbots is their take on Megatron, Apollyon.  He features a stunning representation of Megatron in both is robot and gun modes.  On top of that, he comes with an unimaginable buffet of accessories, including:

From Transformers: the movie, the sword and pistol used to take down Optimus Prime

From Prime Problem, the clone control helmet

From More than Meets the Eye his energon mace

From The Key to Vector Sigma, well, the key to Vector Sigma

and from Cosmic Rust, an interchangable chest piece with embedded meteorite.

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